5 Things on my First Day of Postmates

Several months back I joined Postmates because I have a Vespa that I love to drive, I thought I could crush deliveries with said scooter, and its another way I could make money on my own time. Joining was no problem at all. I downloaded the fleet app, applied accordingly, and within an hour my account was ready to start making deliveries. I thought it would take days, but it took minutes, and so I said fuck it, changed my schedule and gave it a go.

1. First Delivery Was Canceled

I put my helmet on. I took my account online. I got a notification for an available delivery. I started driving towards the pickup. Halfway there my delivery canceled. My very first was supposed to be special, but just like most first time doing things, it wasn’t special. In fact I had many cancelations. I spent quite a bit of time changing directions due to canceled orders. Super sucky.

2. Prius Drivers Suck

Yes, if you own a Prius it is a character flaw and I am judging you. There is heavy traffic everyday, and yet many believe they can beat traffic by cutting people off and speeding to the next line of traffic. Plus, no one uses turn signals. When you come to LA you will experience the full wrath of the river of garbage Prius drivers. Everybody and their mother drives a Prius, and they all suck.

3. Meet the Driver Out Front

When your delivery is coming to anything other than a house with one doorbell you should meet the driver at the front sidewalk. If you have your stuff delivered to an apartment building, office building, or anything that requires the driver to get out of a car and search for you, then you should meet the driver at their car. They are not getting paid enough to navigate anywhere other than the closest sidewalk to your location. If you do, you better tip them at least an additional $8-$10 on top of at least 20% tip. Parking and finding your ass is a pain in the ass. I delivered to a mega apartment, and the guy wouldn’t meet me at the front. I had to find him on the 13th floor, and low and behold he was a mega douchebag that I didn’t punch in the face.

4. Delivered to a Friend

This is the one positive thing that happened other than kinda getting paid. I delivered to a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile. It is always nice to see how small the world is. We chatted freelance, personal projects, and weekend plans. It made my day. Friends are dope, and the world is small.

5. Tip Your Postmate

I think you should tip anyone performing a service, but especially your Postmate. It is a lot of work for a very small base pay. I did not get to see the tip amount right away, but a few days later I got to see the tip amounts, and it was bleak. In total I made $42 for about 5 hours of constant driving around. I received about $3.50 base for each delivery, and I made about 10 deliveries. It ads up to be 20%, but it is far below minimum wage, and no where close to my day rate as a freelancer. So needless to say I will not be post-mating anymore, but to those that still are, I will tip you handsomely.

Overall, I made this seem like a horrible experience, but plainly this is an accurate litmus test of Los Angeles.
You do not get paid enough to spend time running around this busy town delivering Erewhon to pricks. I have worked in the service industry before, but this was an entirely new experience that reminded me how impatient I can be. I learned a quick lesson. That shit is not for me. Respect deeply those who are making a living from those type of apps. They are truly hustling. Be kind, give them a smile, and tip them well.