Birthday in Paris

Today was my birthday, and I flew to Paris on the 737 dreamliner. It was smoothest flight over the Atlantic I’ve ever had. I started to get excited when I first saw the classic French countryside that charms even the coldest hearts. 

French countryside stable.gif

After I arrived, I ended up taking an Uber because my parents offered to pay, but the best option would be the 10 euro train into the city.  My parents just finished with their trip to Togo, and planned to stop in Paris for a decompression before the haul back to the states. I figured it was the perfect opportunity for me to crash their trip, have Gilly come down from London, and introduce everyone! We all caught up at Le Champs De Mars over drinks and Escargot. It was just as boujie as it sounds, and I wouldn’t recommend it cause it was terribly expensive and just out of view from the Eiffel Tower.


My parents debriefed us on their trip, and my dad in proper fashion showed us all of the open wounds of doing general surgery in one of the most remote areas of the African bush during the meal. I love that nothing has changed since I was kid. Chatting and showing visceral images over dinner.  I am very grateful for these humans. 

Mom and Dad.gif

We have a few more days in the city together, and my jetlag is going to hit me hard tomorrow. For now, I am going to revel in the romance of the city with the people I love. I am staying at Hotel Comtesse and it is in a great location with view of the Eiffel Tower from every room. The Paris charm is at full tilt.

Paris Tower_2.gif

Much Love,