Sailing Belize: Christmas con mi familia

I spent Christmas this year with my parents and close family friends sailing off the coast of Belize on a 48 ft Moorings catamaran named ‘Blew Nowhere’. 


We anchored at random cayes which is pronounced like keyes and made food together for every meal. We anchored most nights. The islands per se were underdeveloped at best or often simply just a colony of mangroves. We covered around 100 nautical miles over the span of 6 days and ran out of rum on the 3rd day. Note to self for next trip. more booze, Cigars, And More fruit. There were no restaurants or provision shops to restock our kitchen like European or more popular Caribbean cruising locations. Overall this cruising area had a more remote vibe than more established cruising areas of the world like the BVI or Greece and Croatia. In more established areas you can typically pull into a port pickup a mooring, settle in, and dingy in for dinner with several options for dinner and sometimes a whole city to explore. In Greece and Croatia we rented scooters and cruised around the islands. Here in Belize the islands are sprinkled throughout a barrier reef, with no major populations, and almost always no beach, but it is beautiful. It is has a much more off the grid feeling. You don’t see very many boats around and so I felt it was somewhat untouched. 


The water is warm, the Belizean people are timid yet very kind, and I didn’t get sunburned. We played tons of card games, got up to 9.7kts speed in a storm, and did i mention we ran out of rum? 


I curiously enjoyed staring down the drop off sections of the reefs. It’s very mysterious and i just waited to glimpse sooomething peaking out. What is it, 5% of the ocean we’ve explored? It’s like staring into the deep end of earth. It makes my imagination go crazy. What 👏is👏down👏there👏? Speaking of what is down there, this landmark in Belize called the Great Big blue hole is what drives a lot of coastal tourism. We were not able to go to it because it was too far for our 1 week trip. I will be back to see it one day! 


Sailing is incredibly relaxing and fantastically adventurous. Before living in a van I originally wanted to live on a boat. There’s nothing like being on water, but van life makes more sense at this time in my life. I do already have the captain’s license. 


I have a passion for sailing because my Dad has always loved sailing. We do have different styles though. He tends to tweak the lines in an effort to optimize the boat’s performance while I like to put it in auto pilot and enjoy the distance I am from civilization. He likes to race, and I like the simplicity it can bring, but we both love the adventure. Here is a photo of us at the 2013 America’s cup in SF.  


Overall, sailing in Belize is pretty far out there. It’s like driving an RV out to a very remote location in the desert with lots of gas, food, and water. You don’t have cell service or WiFi, and so the only real connection is a VHF radio that may also be out of range. You get the weather forecast from 9-9:30 on channel 74 and set sail accordingly. In a sense it is my favorite way to be around nature. It’s the greatest form of glamping. It was wonderful to spend Christmas with my family on a boat in Belize, and now I am looking forward to spending New Years with friends in LA. 

Much love,